Founded in 2000, our company covers an area of about 28,000 square meters, including 21000 square meters of factory and warehouse, with office area is about 2000 square meters.

Precision casting factory

Provide5 production lines, 4000 tons casting parts yearly, produce types of valves, machinery accessories, railway parts, automobile parts, intermodal parts, ISO container corner casting, container lashing parts etc.

Welding factory

Providehas full and advance product equipments, CNC gas cutting machining 2sets, physics cutting machining 1 set, CNC cutting beds, CO2 welding machining 20 sets, Robert welding machining 2 sets, short blasting equipments 6 sets, CNC machining 6 sets, CNC lathe 5sets, CNC rolling machining 2 sets, produce the heavy steel construction welding parts, ship fixed gears etc.

Die forging factory

We also offer1000tons and 2500tons die forging lines, 5000 tons forging parts yearly, produce types of machinery accessories, railway parts, automobile parts, intermodal parts, container lashing parts, lifting parts, hardware tooling etc.


Qingdao ChuanGang Marine Accessories Co., Ltd. is a one of the major professional manufacturers in the fields of steel forging and casting which provides one-stop marine service and related Marine products for global ship owners. The company's headquarters is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, the transportation is very convenient.

Rubber Fender

ChuanGang Marine Accessories Co., Ltd


ChuanGang Marine Accessories Co., Ltd

steel structure

ChuanGang Marine Accessories Co., Ltd

anchor chain

ChuanGang Marine Accessories Co., Ltd

container lashing materials

ChuanGang Marine Accessories Co., Ltd

forging and casting products

ChuanGang Marine Accessories Co., Ltd

lashing chain & tensioner

ChuanGang Marine Accessories Co., Ltd

shackle and turnbuckle

ChuanGang Marine Accessories Co., Ltd

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CHUANGANG brand Service

Good products in the industry, we must do a good job;
We do a good job of the product, the same industry can’t be copied in a short time!

Professional team service

The most prominent feature of ChuanGang is that of a professional steel structure design team. Stable, skilled front-line production technology workers; Large steel structure production equipment, production, packaging, transportation, loading and unloading services; In addition, ChuanGang has its own quality testing department, product quality certification system, welding quality certification system, a variety of testing tools and equipment; There are professional engineering team before the construction of the solution.

The delivery plan

After the factory completes the production, the site pre-assembly shall be carried out. Then video is sent to customers through WeChat or QQ and other communication tools. Customers can learn about the product quality in detail from afar. In addition, our field technicians can be instructed to send video of any structural part of the product for on-site communication and inspection. After the inspection is completed, split it up and spray paint according to the color specified by the customer before packaging. Finally, the products will be shipped by sea, air and other express delivery.


With rich experience and excellent performance, we deliver the goods on time and we have not delayed the delivery time of the products for nearly five years. According to the design drawings provided by the customer, we are able to document and inform the customer of any predictable problems. We use stable quality and efficient communication to provide customers with quality products.

Business Services

Our company is mainly engaged in below business: rigging hardware, container lashing equipment, anchor and anchor chain, and other forging and casting products such as construction machinery fittings, container corner casting, track link etc. We have precision casting factory, die forging factory, welding factory, also have heat treatment workshop, CNC machining workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop.


QingDao ChuanGang Marine Accessories Co., Ltd

  • Our company certified ISO9000 and all of our workshop approved by GL, LR, DNV, BV, ABS, RINA, KR, Our products are saled to Germany, Norway, Spain, Greece, Finland, USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore etc. we always supply our customers good quality and competitive price in the market, We are your best partner, choosing us is your right decision!
  • With leading in concept, leading in equipment, leading in QC and leading in service’ as our company’s core concept, we will always win the approval of domestic and foreign customers with high quality product and perfect after-sales service system.

Professional manufacturers

One-stop Marine Service

Comprehensive installation guide

Quality solution

Steel forging and casting supply

28,000 square meters of space

Reliable quality system

Perfect after-sales service system

20 years of manufacturing experience


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